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Swimming Pool Pro Subscription

Swimming Pool Pros Subscription

High net worth homeowners are all over the internet finding pool pros. We are there to make sure that they meet you and see your best work. Modern businesses must do both and even more. Leads are not enough, social media is not enough. Our pro subscription is a complete online marketing in a box solution for swimming pool pros. It includes Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Email, Pinterest and more. We are always working on your online solution.

We build you into an online swimming pool giant.

First we create a ton of high quality videos, posts, picture albums and more for your company.

Like this one.

Next we build you a custom audience of High net worth homeowners in your local area.

We use proprietary technology to identify likely pool purchasers and pool owners who are ready for an upgrade.

We connect them with your business on Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and more. We find high net worth homeowners in your area. We make sure that they get to see your company’s best work with custom pictures, videos, posts and more – made by us for you.

High net worth homeowners near you are going to see your company name, pictures and videos of your pools and more online in multiple locations.

Over time some of these high net worth homeowners will be your customers. Additionally we are looking for homeowners in your area that are ready to get swimming pools now (or remodel pools). We directly connect you with these homeowner (about 10 a month). Start now with a free month.


Growing your pool business part 1


Growing your business

The first step is STOP and make time to reflect and plan. As the owner and /or leader in a business the ‘needs to be done now’ never ends. However, as the owner and /or leader of the business you are the only one who has the perception, interest and authority to reflect on what is doing one, prioritize what needs to happen and judge the outcomes. You have to stop and make time to reflect on what has happened, what is happening and what needs to happen.

Make time for it everyday. Even 5 minutes a day thinking about (1) the things I have to finish today and (2) if time allows, the one thing I want to try today will help you construct a wall of success with each day.  Reflections are an honest inventory of your entire business.

Reflect on the NOW

Start by taking inventory or your assets and experiences. Think about your past experiences, successes and failures ONLY as information to help you move forward now. In other words do not dwell on the success or failure of past experience only how that experience can help you in the future. When taking inventory you can start with your hard assets vehicles, equipment,etc, but do not forget your team, their roles and their strengths and weaknesses. Next take a quick inventory of your strengths and weaknesses etc. Dissect what worked from what did not work and why. Take an inventory of your business. How do you make money? What things do you seem to do that don’t help you make money. What is your most successful product, service, project etc. Make note of marketing campaigns that worked particularly well, or things that you started and stopped. Jot down any innovations in your work process that helped or hurt. If you are great at doing the actual work that is an asset. If you are a awesome marketer that is also an asset. If you have a great sales team that is also an asset. Spend some time thinking about these but don not hurt yourself coming up with the list. Chances are somewhere in those top 5 is a key or two that will help you grow your business.

Figure out your best growth opportunities

Once you have your list start thinking about how these assets help you operate and/or build your business. A helpful tool is to put each asset under the one or more of these headings.

(1) Assets that help us connect with new customers.

* word of mouth advertising

* online presence

* lead sources

* marketing

* sales

(2) Assets that allow us to performing the work

* equipment

* operations team

* skills and techniques

* vendors

* others

(3) Assets helping us Customer service and support.

* customer support tools (online and offline)

* customer support team

* customer support philosophy

* communication tools

* others

(4) Administration.

* office team

* vendors

* software

* systems

* other

Your best opportunity is in front of you.

Your best opportunity is in front of you. It is the thing that has brought you the most business or it could be fixing the thing that is costing you the most time, resources or money and NOT performing the way it should be performing.

Focus on one implementation or one fix at a time. Break it into small manageable task. Moving too fast or too slow will be counter productive. When we implement new business processes or refine existing business processes we try to ‘shake the apple cart’ as little as possible while moving in the right direction. After each task is implements, take a breath. review the new process, is it performing well, does it need tweaking. Stay on it and make it fit or if you see it is a loser, get rid of it. Once you are on level ground, think about your next step and repeat.

My experience has been that success is both the sum of your failures and your successes. Taking the time to reflect and implement at a good pace is the best way to grow your business.

Be an ACE contacting your prospects


How to be an ACE with swimming pool customers from Swimming Pool Quotes.

Research shows that speed, diligence and consistency are the key things to remember when you are reaching out to prospects.  The sooner you start the follow up process the better and  It will take 6 plus contact attempts to maximize your contact rate,

(1) Call the pool customer immediately, leave a voice mail and send an email if you do not reach them.

The voice mails and the emails should be short and to the point as well as helpful and non-committal.  Make sure that the pool customer has your best contact information.  If you do not reach the prospect on the first call, call again between 30 minutes and 1 hour later.  On the second call  do not leave another voice mail.  Call again between 2 hours and 4 hours, do not leave another vmail. If it is a mobile line, send a text asking if there is a good time to get them their free pool design and information.

Hello XX – This is XX calling you from Swimming Pool Quotes. I am  here to provide you with basic information about swimming pools, answer any questions you might have and provide you with a custom estimate and design now or in the future.  You can call or text me at this number which is  XXX-XXX-XXXX.”

(2) On the next day, call the pool customer in the morning and leave another voice mail, it should be about the same as the first voice mail.

It is important to stay concise and keep the same message.  Think of it like a commercial, you need to hear or see a commercial 10-15 times until you start to remember it. On the 2nd day (like the first day) you can call again in the afternoon but do not leave another message.

Continue to try to contact the pool customer on day three through five.

On the third day once and do not leave a message.  On the fourth day call once do not leave a message but send another email.  On the fifth day call once and leave a voice mail and you can also send a second text message if you have mobile number. 

After the fifth day, take a break.

After the fifth day, you should wait between a week and 10 days to call them, leave a message and send an email.  You call them back once more the next day, then wait another week and call once.

After that call the customer should go  into your drip marketing campaign.

Your drip marketing last continuously. Over 50% of your lead contacts will happen after the prospect joins your drip marketing program.  

Since 2004 we have worked with over 3000 swimming pool professionals. Our program is absolutely free for Swimming Pool Quotes pool builders.  For more information contact me directly or complete our pool builder information request form.

Be an ACE with your swimming pool customers

What is the ACE program for Swimming Pool Contractors

We have connected over 500,000 pool customers with thousands of local pool contractors for free swimming pool estimates and information.  About 150,000 of these customers have built a pool. About 200,000 of these customers are still considering a pool.  One of the top 3 reasons they tell us that they have not purchased a pool yet is because “they have not gotten an estimate” or “did not get ‘follow up’ from the pool contractor.”  

Pool Customers want to talk to you

The first thing to realize is that even if the customer does not reach out to you, they want you to reach them.  When we ask customers, almost all of them ‘appreciate all of pool contractor efforts’ to reach them and some even acknowledge that they have been difficult to reach.   The single most important thing you need to do is make actual contact with the pool customer.  

Once you  talk to a customer on the phone, or share text/emails with the pool customer, you build your business network and increase your chances to build more pools. We designed our ACE follow up process to help you connect with as many pool customer as possible.  

Crafting your messaging to pool customers is key to reach them

The ACE program is about crafting and timing your communication with the customer. By carefully crafting your messaging you may increase your prospect to customer contact rate by over 100%. Similar programs used by Fortune 500 companies have also reported this level of success.  So we know that you can use this program to get more sales.  

Connecting with pool customers is a two way street

In addition to refining your follow up process, With the ACE system, we make sure that our pool customers actively know about you.  We message the pool customer right away via email and social media to let them know about your company and how to contact you.  Also, our phone and email confirmation team will pitch your company directly to our pool customers on the phone.

The ACE program is absolutely free for Swimming Pool Quotes pool builders.  For more information contact me directly or complete our pool builder information request form.


Jeremy Gold
VP, Business Development
(510) 332-8116 – mobile

 ACE program for Swimming Pool Pros

The ACE program for Swimming Pool Pros is all about being in the right place at the right time to reach your customers.

Building your sales funnel for the next decade

Building an effective sales funnel for your present & future

An effective sales funnel is the future of your business.  It is the process that transforms consumers in your market into leads, then prospects and eventually your customers. The keys to an effective sales funnel are:

(1) Get leads into the top of your funnel & don’t let them fall out.

(2) Consistently identify which leads are prospects and move them down the funnel.

(3) Efficiently convert prospects into customers.

(4) Innovate, improve and REPEAT.

Get leads into the top and don’t let them fall out.

Pretty much all customers start as leads.  A lead is a person who generally qualifies as a prospect for you now or in the future. In the pool business that is basically a homeowner with reasonable income who wants a pool.  Based on our data of over 594,000 pool customers roughly 15% of households that inquire about getting a pool will purchase a pool within 5 years.

Keep leads in your sales funnel for 5 years to maximize sales.

The numbers speak for themselves.  Basically for every 100 consumers that enter your sales funnel, 15 of them will buy pools within 5 years. If you only focus on leads that are immediate prospects, and you do a relatively good job converting leads into prospects and then into customers you will close 20% to 30%. That equals between 3 to 5 new customers – not bad!

However, if you do a good job keeping most of these 100 leads in your sales funnel for 5 years, you may capture between 50% to 60% of those customers.  That could mean an additional 7 to 10 additional projects for every 100 leads over 5 years.

Whats make such a big difference? 

Most of your competitors do not have an effective sale funnels. In other words everyone is spending almost all of their resources chasing the lowest hanging fruit, and the same low hanging fruit (meaning the same leads).

Also most pool builders do not leverage the benefits that come from building brand recognition with consumers.  A ‘lead’ today is a ‘prospect’ next year and a customer the year after that.  If you start while they are a lead and continue to nurture them through the funnel, they will never be your competitor’s low hanging fruit – they will ONLY be yours.


Also we all know that referrals are the gravy.  An effective sales channel creates the sweetest of low hanging fruit – the referral.

Once you build an effective sales funnel, you will be the only one harvesting the middle and high fruit.  The trick is to figure out how to “set it and forget it.”  The good news is that with technology you can do it.  Is this worth your investment?

Is this worth your investment? We think so because effectively keeping leads in your funnel can increase your revenue 2 to 3 times.

Technology techniques to keep leads in your sales funnel

There is a HUGE positive difference to your bottom line if you effectively keep leads in your funnel. Almost all leads have value. The key is setting up automated systems to nurture all of your leads.  Properly nurturing your leads will:

(1) Keep them in your funnel so that you can get the most possible sales out of your leads over time.

This is most easily be accomplished with a combination of social media engagement and direct communication via automated drip marketing campaign. Social media and technical communication platforms are the only efficient way to stay in touch with your lead funnel.


(2) Once you have your systems in place you need to create a consistent, evolving content strategy.

This is a fancy way of figuring out what you are going to tell your leads, when are you are going to say it and how are you going to say it.  Content strategies are effective if they are designed and implemented well.  Haphazardly posting pictures or emailing the same message multiple times will not have the effect of nurturing your leads like a well developed media campaign will.

Your content should have multiple objectives:

(1) Keep leads entertained and engaged so that they continue to look at your content.

(2) Slow-cook leads into prospects which means feeding their desire to get a pool, addressing the logical questions about getting a pool, building a relationship of familiarity and trust and creating triggers so that you can easily identify when it is time to treat an individual lead like a prospect.

(3) Your content should also help you build referral channels. One of the best thing about qualified pool consumers is that they know and hang out with other pool people.  Creating incentives to share content and information about your business will feed the above objectives and also continue to fill your pipeline with new leads.


If this sounds overwhelming – well it can be, but you are a lot closer than you think. We can help. If you have questions feel free to reach out – you and our industry has a friend in technology center of San Francisco.

Swimmingly yours,


David Grossblatt , @dmgrossblatt

In addition to running Swimming Pool Quotes (for the last 10 years), David runs the Founder’s Dojo in the heart of San Francisco.  Founder’s Dojo is an incubator for cutting edge technology companies.