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Swimming pool financing is available

Swimming pool financing is available now.

A combination of increasing home values, new lenders entering the market and the improving economy created the perfect storm for home owners interested in getting an above ground pool this year.

This is a historically good time to get money for home improvements and enhancements. Rates remain low and there is a good volume of money for all types of borrowers, but it probably will change before long.

According to Larry Collins, a financing pro with HFS Financial, “This is a historically good time to get money for home improvements and enhancements. Rates remain low and there is a good volume of money for all types of borrowers, but it probably will change before long.” This will not last forever so getting started now is essential, even if it is just for research, Collins noted.

The pool industry is small and local. You may find it hard to reach the best local pros.

Getting a pool is a long process before you make any decisions, the first step is to start collecting information from local pool pros that will help you figure out the best project for you, as well as the best financing options, however, fiberglass pools Ballarat can help you building a nice pool for your home or business.

To enhance this project you can also consider installing a markiser to have protection from the sun.

The next step (and before any decisions) you must start collect information from local pool pros who will help you understand what is possible in your backyard and in your range. Like other home projects, all the acrylic swimming pool walls are somehow unique, you will need some customized information.

The pool industry is still local and small. Connecting with the local pros to ask questions & receive information may be challenging and take time. When it comes to truly gorgeous pools, this Stafford pool builder really stands out.

Swimming Pool Quotes does the heavy lifting for you.

We can help you gather research from local swimming pool pros.  Swimming Pool Quotes is the leading network of local swimming pool pros.  We work with leading building across the country.  The best pool pros are great at building and renovating pools.  We are the community that connects these experts with you. Since 2003 we have connected over 647,917 consumers with local pool pros for free swimming pool estimates and designs.

concrete gunite swimming pool

Concrete pools are one of the most popular types of swimming pools.

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While most swimming pool types are flexible, concrete or gunite swimming pools are generally the most flexible when it comes to shapes, depths, designs and extras. For example a beach entry pool is not really possible with a vinyl pool but is very possible with a concrete pool.

beach entry swimming pool

Concrete pools are generally constructed with metal rebar.

Rebar is a type of metal that is shaped, connected and placed in the excavated swimming pool site.

example of swimming pool rebar









Once the rebar is in place gunite or shotcrete is applied over the rebar. Gunite and shotcrete are both types of concrete.  the difference is the mix and the application process.

shotcrete being applied to a concrete pool

After the shotcrete or gunite is applied, a finish is placed over the concrete surface.  Concrete swimming pool finishes come in many styles, types and colors.  One of the most popular finished is pebble finish.

It usually takes about 7 to 10 working days to complete a basic concrete swimming pool.  After your pool is complete the largest maintenance issue that is unique to concrete pools is resurfacing.  depending on your chemical usage and how well you take care of your pool a concrete finish should last 10 years.

Concrete pools are not always the most expensive option.  The price of your swimming pool depends on many factors outside of the material that is used to construct a pool.  The best way to make sure that you get the right swimming pool for you is to research all three major pool types for yourself before making a selection.


March is your last chance for a early bird swimming pool deal

March is your last opportunity

March is the last month before the swimming pool season starts. To get early bird specials and great financing on the swimming pool of your dream you have to get started NOW. The pros are getting ramped up for the season and they are ready now to give you the best swimming pool deals.

Pool Financing is available

Call: 1-800-254-9560, Ext. 5
Fax: 1-800-254-9560


Our financing partner, is committed to get you the best financing whatever your situation. Get started now with free pool quotes and information.

Early bird gets the best pool deals


Starting early is a great idea

Did you know that pool builders often give homeowners big discounts to be the first pool on their block?  Have you ever driving by a home having a swimming pool installed and see as sign on the front lawn with the name and contact information of the pool builder?  This is a pool builder’s best calling cards.  It is common for a pool builder to get one or two new projects when they are building a pool.  Pool builders are willing to give the first homeowner on the street big discounts and special deals to help the pool builder get in the neighborhood.  Getting started in January-March is a great way to be one of the customers that get the “early bird special” discount.

February-March is the best time to get free pool estimates

February and March is a great time of the year to get a free swimming pool estimate, or a free pool renovation estimate.

dive into your swimming pool project
Early bird gets the the best deals and best service when if comes to swimming pool projects.

5. Pool builders and manufacturers are gearing up for the season.

  • Swimming pool builders and pool manufacturers are flush with supplies, equipment and time.  It is a simple case of supply and demand.  Getting started early means you will have more options and resources available to you to get the best options and the best deals.

4. Pool builders are looking for a few ‘pool project’ or start to fill up their Spring schedule.

  • In the spring and summer there is always a backlog for pool construction.   The way that calendar gets filled is by getting started early.  Many new pool jobs lead to a couple of referrals.  When you give a pool builder the opportunity to be the first one on your block to get started, pool builders will work hard to get in your yard before the competition.

 3. The best swimming pool installation crews are available now.

  • Before things get too busy, pool builders can put their best efforts and their best teams on your project.  A good swimming pool installation team is the key to your projects success. This time of year you can get the A team on your project.  

2.  Pool contractors have more time and resources to dedicate to your requests and swimming pool project.

  • During the busy spring and summer months, the best pool professionals are working practically around the clock.  In the late winter, early spring you can get a lot more attention from them and customized service.  You will be able to get more estimates and options to compare and have more responsive swimming pool pros.

1.  Your pool will be ready soon.

  • If you start now, your pool will be ready before you know it.  You will get the estimates you need to compare, the feedback from your pool professional in a timely fashion and the best crews to install your pool.  If you get a heater, hot tub or live in the south or west, you could still be swimming this year!

Hot tub estimate


Thanks for requesting a Hot tub estimate.

We contacted you because you requested a pool estimate in the past.  You received this email from us because we added a local pro  near you  to our exclusive swimming pool pro network that would like to provide you with a complimentary updated estimate and design.

If you would like contact us right away.  You can call us at (800) 280-7665 ext 709.

To cancel your free estimate and design request please Send us a cancel request; or call us at (800) 280-7665 ext 709.


1347203838nice hot tub image Artaic-Custom-Mosaic-Aztec-Hot-Tub car-hot-tub hot-tub-boats  Outdoor-Hot-Tub-On-Matterhorn-Mountain


At Swimming Pool Quotes, we only do one thing – Get you the best estimates, designs and information for free.

Swimming Pool Quotes works with swimming pool pros and swimming pool consumers across the country.  Feel free to contact us online or by phone at (800) 280 -7665 (POOL). Here are some recent compliments we received on our free swimming pool estimate service from happy customers across the country…


Wow!  Your service is great.  I have 5 appts set up between now and Monday with different builder/suppliers.  They [are all] legit sources…so…thanks again for performing what has been a vital service for me.

Steve (West)


We did receive three out four responses—and the three we’re all very helpful and responsive. Thank you for good service. I will recommend your site to others.

Toni (West)

cost to build pool

Thank you Janet for the follow up I do not need further assistance. I received that quotes I requested promptly your service was great.

Jeana (East)

modern partial rectangle pool

I was contacted within 24 hours by two contractors and have already received a quote back.  Will definitely recommend your service to my friends.

Ken (Florida)


We got the pool and spa done, got a really low quote!

Ken (Florida)

backyard pool

We love our pool!

Katie (Midwest)



About Swimming Pool Quotes

Inground swimming pool cost

Fall is the best time to get updated pool quotes

Swimming pool picture gallery

Phoenix pool builders

Phoenix pool builder – Cameo Pools

260 N. Gilbert Road
Mesa, Arizona 85203

We have worked with Cameo pools for years.  They have been building pools in the Phoenix area since 1977.  The both build and remodel concrete pools for the entire Phoenix Valley and offer many options and packages.  They were recently awarded the 2013 Best of Mesa Award in Swimming Pool Construction.  They build about 150 pools a year, are family owned and operated and also offer a full range of landscaping services as well.   Check out their Phoenix swimming pool picture gallery.

Cameo pools

concrete pool by Cameo Pools



vinyl swimming pool

Vinyl swimming pool

Vinyl swimming pools are the most popular types of pool is some parts of the country.  They have a reputation for being the least expensive swimming pools to install which may or may not be the case.  The price of a pool is wrapped up in more then the just the type of pool.  Sometime a fiberglass pool or a concrete pool could be less expensive to install.

Vinyl pool shapes

Vinyl pools come in many shapes and sizes.  Some of the most popular vinyl pool shapes are the rectangle, L shaped, Grecian, kidney and free form.

rectangle vinyl pool with diving board

rectangle vinyl pool with diving board

L shaped vinyl swimming pool

L shaped vinyl swimming pool


Grecian vinyl swimming pool

Grecian vinyl swimming pool

kidney shaped vinyl liner pool

kidney shaped vinyl liner pool

free form shaped vinyl liner pool

free form shaped vinyl liner pool

Once the pool site is prepared, the vinyl liner pool will be delivered to the pool site and be ready for installation.  Typically the vinyl liner pool walls are constructed of steel ore reinforced plastics.  The wall sections are installed and connected.


steel vinyl liner pool walls being installed

steel vinyl liner pool walls being installed

After the walls are connected the bottom of the pool is installed typically with a concrete material.  After the walls and bottom are complete, the vinyl liner is installed over the entire pool surface.  Vinyl liners come in many shapes and sizes.  Most vinyl liners made today are durable and meant to last.  Eventually you will probably have to install another liner but that may be 10 years down the road.

Vinyl pools can usually be installed in a week or two.  The best pool for you might be a vinyl liner pool.  To be sure, you should check out all the of the major types of inground swimming pools before you settle on one pool types.



fiberglass swimming pools

Fiberglass swimming pool

Fiberglass swimming pools come in many shapes and sizes.  for the right situation a fiberglass pool may be your best option.

fiberglass pool

Fiberglass pools are one piece swimming pools.  They are molded in a factory and come in most popular swimming pool shapes. Some of the most popular fiberglass swimming pool shapes are kidney swimming pool, square, rectangle, l shaped and Grecian.

kidney fiberglass pool

kidney fiberglass pool

rectangle fiberglass pool

rectangle fiberglass pool


L shaped fiberglass pool

Grecian fiberglass pool

Grecian fiberglass pool

Once the pool are is prepared, the fiberglass pool is delivered on site by a truck and hoisted into position.

fiberglass pool hoisted into positon

After the pool is placed in the site. the pool deck is installed and the plumbing and electric is hooked up.  Fiberglass pools take 7 days to 10 days on average to install.  Modern fiberglass pools are durable and many come with warranties.  depending on the details of you swimming pool project, a fiberglass pool may be the best option for you.  The best thing to do is to start by comparing pool types for yourself.