Concrete in ground pool

Concrete pools are one of the most popular types of in ground swimming pools.

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While most swimming pool types are flexible in terms of shapes and sizes, concrete or gunite in ground swimming pools are generally the most flexible.  They can fit into practically any backyard and can be formed into any shapes, depths, designs.  Like most pool types all extras are typically available with concrete in ground pools. In some cases, you can get things with a concrete swimming pool that is not possible with other types. For example a beach entry pool is not really possible with a vinyl pool but is very possible with a concrete pool.

beach entry swimming pool

beach entry swimming pool

Concrete pools are generally constructed with metal rebar.

Rebar is a type of metal that is shaped, connected and placed in the excavated swimming pool site. Once the rebar is in place gunite or shotcrete is applied over the rebar. Gunite and shotcrete are both types of concrete.  the difference is the mix and the application process.

shotcrete being applied to a concrete pool

After the shotcrete or gunite is applied, a finish is placed over the concrete surface.  Concrete swimming pool finishes come in many styles, types and colors.  One of the most popular finished is pebble finish.


It usually takes about 7 to 10 working days to complete a basic concrete swimming pool.  After your pool is complete the largest maintenance issue that is unique to concrete pools is resurfacing.  depending on your chemical usage and how well you take care of your pool a concrete finish should last 10 years.


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Concrete pools are not always the most expensive option.  The price of your swimming pool depends on many factors outside of the material that is used to construct a pool.  The best way to make sure that you get the right swimming pool for you is to research all three major pool types for yourself before making a selection.



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