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Be an ACE contacting your prospects


How to be an ACE with swimming pool customers from Swimming Pool Quotes.

Research shows that speed, diligence and consistency are the key things to remember when you are reaching out to prospects.  The sooner you start the follow up process the better and  It will take 6 plus contact attempts to maximize your contact rate,

(1) Call the pool customer immediately, leave a voice mail and send an email if you do not reach them.

The voice mails and the emails should be short and to the point as well as helpful and non-committal.  Make sure that the pool customer has your best contact information.  If you do not reach the prospect on the first call, call again between 30 minutes and 1 hour later.  On the second call  do not leave another voice mail.  Call again between 2 hours and 4 hours, do not leave another vmail. If it is a mobile line, send a text asking if there is a good time to get them their free pool design and information.

Hello XX – This is XX calling you from Swimming Pool Quotes. I am  here to provide you with basic information about swimming pools, answer any questions you might have and provide you with a custom estimate and design now or in the future.  You can call or text me at this number which is  XXX-XXX-XXXX.”

(2) On the next day, call the pool customer in the morning and leave another voice mail, it should be about the same as the first voice mail.

It is important to stay concise and keep the same message.  Think of it like a commercial, you need to hear or see a commercial 10-15 times until you start to remember it. On the 2nd day (like the first day) you can call again in the afternoon but do not leave another message.

Continue to try to contact the pool customer on day three through five.

On the third day once and do not leave a message.  On the fourth day call once do not leave a message but send another email.  On the fifth day call once and leave a voice mail and you can also send a second text message if you have mobile number. 

After the fifth day, take a break.

After the fifth day, you should wait between a week and 10 days to call them, leave a message and send an email.  You call them back once more the next day, then wait another week and call once.

After that call the customer should go  into your drip marketing campaign.

Your drip marketing last continuously. Over 50% of your lead contacts will happen after the prospect joins your drip marketing program.  

Since 2004 we have worked with over 3000 swimming pool professionals. Our program is absolutely free for Swimming Pool Quotes pool builders.  For more information contact me directly or complete our pool builder information request form.