These 3 tips can save you up to 47% on a new swimming pool

(1) Start now

The earlier your start with the Swimming Pool Resurfacing the more time you will have for research. Now is a great time to start because there is plenty of time until next summer. Also pool pros might offer early bird or end of season deals. Either way you are covered!

(2) Be flexible

The first step is to learn your options. Be open in the beginning to pool types, extras and timelines. Once you know the differences you can compared and pick your pool.

(3) Get 3 to 5 estimates.

There is no standard price for a pool and there is no standard pool. Some pool pros favor certain pool types, material etc. which may or may not be the best value for you. The highest estimate does not always mean the best pool value for you.  Price quotes for comparable pools can vary as much 47% or more. The more you know, the better you will do at getting the best pool for the best value for you.

With Swimming Pool Quotes you automatically benefit from these tips. We work to get you 3 to 5 free pool estimates. We have been doing this for 10 years and have saved pool customers millions of dollars! Check out some of these recent comments from pool customers just like you.

Wow!  Your service is great.  I have 5 appts set up between now and Monday with different builder/suppliers, all legit sources. Thanks again for performing what has been a vital service for me. – Steve

I received that quotes I requested promptly your service was great. -Jeana

We got the pool and spa done, got a really low quote! – Linda

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