The fall is the best time to dive into your swimming pool estimate project

Five reasons why fall is the best time to dive into your swimming pool estimate project.

August through November are the best time of the year to start your research and get a free swimming pool estimate, or a free pool renovation estimate.

dive into your swimming pool project

fall is the best time to dive into your swimming pool project.

5. Pool builders and manufacturers are clearing out their swimming pool inventories of pools, equipment, materials and features.

  • Like the car business you can get end of season deals for pools, equipment, parts and features. This is the time of year pool builders are clearing out their warehouses, trying to use all of their materials, pool shells and parts so that they do not have to store them over the winter.

4. Pool builders are looking for a ‘pool project’ or two to fill up their fall schedule.

  • In the spring and summer there is always a backlog for pool construction.   New inquires start to slow down in the middle of August and by the fall there is typically room for a couple more projects before the end of the season.  Fall is the best time of the year to get pool quotes when ‘supply’ is greater than ‘demand.’

 3. The best swimming pool installation crews are available now.

  • A good swimming pool installation team is exactly that, a team.  This time of year the new people that are not going to cut it are out and the best installers are still out there doing great work.  In the fall the talented crews are still working and even the ‘new’ installers have one season of experience.

2.  Pool contractors have more time and resources to dedicate to your requests and swimming pool project.

  • During the busy spring and summer months, the best pool professionals are working practically around the clock.  In the fall you can get a lot more attention from them and customized service.  You will be able to get more estimates and options to compare and have more responsive swimming pool pros.

1.  Your pool will be ready soon.

  • If you start now, your pool will be ready before you know it.  You will get the estimates you need to compare, the feedback from your pool professional in a timely fashion and the best crews to install your pool.  If you get a heater, hot tub or live in the south or west, you could still be swimming this year!

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