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concrete gunite swimming pool

Concrete pools are one of the most popular types of swimming pools.

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While most swimming pool types are flexible, concrete or gunite swimming pools are generally the most flexible when it comes to shapes, depths, designs and extras. For example a beach entry pool is not really possible with a vinyl pool but is very possible with a concrete pool.

beach entry swimming pool

Concrete pools are generally constructed with metal rebar.

Rebar is a type of metal that is shaped, connected and placed in the excavated swimming pool site.

example of swimming pool rebar









Once the rebar is in place gunite or shotcrete is applied over the rebar. Gunite and shotcrete are both types of concrete.  the difference is the mix and the application process.

shotcrete being applied to a concrete pool

After the shotcrete or gunite is applied, a finish is placed over the concrete surface.  Concrete swimming pool finishes come in many styles, types and colors.  One of the most popular finished is pebble finish.

It usually takes about 7 to 10 working days to complete a basic concrete swimming pool.  After your pool is complete the largest maintenance issue that is unique to concrete pools is resurfacing.  depending on your chemical usage and how well you take care of your pool a concrete finish should last 10 years.

Concrete pools are not always the most expensive option.  The price of your swimming pool depends on many factors outside of the material that is used to construct a pool.  The best way to make sure that you get the right swimming pool for you is to research all three major pool types for yourself before making a selection.


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How to get the most out of your swimming pool estimate and design

You will find that the pool industry is local and small. Connecting with local pool experts can be time consuming and challenging.

Many pool experts are experts at their craft but may not be the easiest people to reach. This is why we built the leading community of swimming pool builders.  We are committed to connecting you with the best local pool pros for complimentary information, estimates and designs.

The first next step is to start getting your research together.

(1) Get an idea of your project.

It is almost always helpful to set up an outline for your project. Your project outline will be your place for all the information about the project.  This will help you keep the project organized and help you compare your options.

(A) Start by brainstorming and jotting down what you want, an what you need.  What you want can be a grand vision of your ultimate backyard.  That is a good place to start.  If you are not sure what you really want, a good way to get inspiration is looking online for swimming pool pictures.  A great source for swimming pool pictures is our Facebook page.

(2) Once you have a general idea of your project, jot down a description of the project and include pictures if possible.  Below your pictures you should list all the features that interest you. Collect 5 to 10 pictures if you can.  Try to prioritize options and also make sure that you do not forget to consider everything that is important to you.

A swimming pool is very much a visual project.  Most pool builders are artist and craftsman – but not mind readers.  They can create whatever you want – you need to make sure that they share your vision, ask questions and answer questions as well.

Below you pool options list, create a section for your professional estimates and designs.  Each pool pro should have their own section.  Use this section to takes notes on each companies’ contact information and presentation.  Once you have your project outline you are ready to start filling it in with information.

We work with the best local pool experts and make sure that you get the best swimming pool information, designs and quotes for free.

Here are some recent compliments we received on our free swimming pool estimate service from happy customers across the country…


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Thank you Janet for the follow up I do not need further assistance. I received that quotes I requested promptly your service was great.

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I was contacted within 24 hours by two contractors and have already received a quote back.  Will definitely recommend your service to my friends.

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Facebook can save you thousands on your new pool


One of the best ways to save thousands of dollars on your new swimming pool (or pool renovation) is to be of the the first people in your social network to get a pool and share your experience. Word of mouth is a pool builders best friend. Over 40% of pool customers come from referrals from past customers. One of the hardest things for pool builders to do is create new referral channels.  They are willing to reward you handsomely to be a source of new business.

When you start the process you become a customer and a source for referrals all year long. Pool builders may reward you with (1) discounts up to 30% or more, (2) free add-ons (like water features, luxury items, upgrades etc.) (3) and extra attention and service.

Social media is the new “front yard” sign.  Let your pool builders know if you use Facebook, Twitter, Yelp or other social media.  Let them know that you will share pictures and information on the project.  This will help you get a great deal and also help to keep your builder on their toes, knowing that you will be sharing information about your project. If you know your neighbors, friends or family are interested in getting a pool as well, mention it.  You do not have to give details or commitments but this will help you establish that your pool could lead to more pools.

There are things that you can do to maximize the chances that you get the best deal and the best service when you meet with the pool builder.  Be prepared to tell them what you are willing to do for them if they deliver you the best pool at the best price. 

Since 2004 Swimming Pool Quotes has provided over 750,000 free, no obligation swimming pool estimates and designs from local pool pros.  Get your complimentary swimming pool estimate and design


Pristine Pool and Spa, LLC

Pristine Pool and Spa, LLC

Pristine Pool and Spa, LLC in New Buffalo, MI is a pool contractor with over 30 years of experience.

Services include complete in-ground custom pool construction including gunite, shotcrete, and vinyl liner pools and spas. They also provide all repairs of existing pools and spas including re-plastering of many types of patios and decks.

Pristine Pools is a family run business. Dawn and Glenn are available to provide you with any information as well as complimentary estimates and designs.  You can reach them by phone at  269-426-1251 or email.

Your next pool customers are on Facebook

Your customers are on Facebook- Just like you.

Your pool customers are on Facebook. You just have to reach them. Facebook uses a feature called ‘look-a-Like’ audience to connect you with your next customers. Look-a-Like audiences are made up of people that are most likely to buy a pool because they look like pool customers. To create a good look a like audience you need to (1) know a lot of people on Facebook who have bought a pool in the past; (2) set up a look a like audience of those people.

Once you have a look-a-like audience set up, create some compelling content (like a blog article), post it on your Facebook business page and “boost” it to your custom look a like audience. If you post is crafted well, visitors will like your post, visit your website and/or contact you.

This is how we do it.

We know more pool customers than anyone else. Since 2004 we have connected over 500,000 customers to local pool pros. We use our huge pool customer list to create a look-a-like audience. We post articles to our blog., then post the blog article on our Facebook page. We boost the Facebook post to our look-a-like audience. Facebook users like the post, visit our blog and request additional information, designs and estimates for us. If you would like our assistance winning customers on Facebook contact us.

Referrals and Facebook Post

Swimming pool videos look great

Videos look great on social media

Put up a video featuring your pools and show it to likely pool customers in your area when they are on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & Instagram.

If you have high quality pictures of your pool, you can also make a video and show it on social media.  Video is quickly becoming as popular on social media as pictures.  Also, video allows you to show off a bunch of your best pools without clicks,  Swimming pool videos look great and make a HUGE impact with pool customers. Almost every pool buyer uses Google to research pools and also uses Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or Instagram. Video works great on most social media sites including Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

On Facebook

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On Instagram

Treasure Pools of FL

A video posted by Swimming Pool Quotes (@swimmingpoolquotes) on

Set up your Target Audience

Once you set up your post you have to target the right people on Facebook. On Facebook you must target by demographics or create a custom audience. On Facebook, demographics are things like age, gender, interests, location etc. there are thousands of demographic targeting options on Facebook.  You can set up a custom audience using a customer list or a pixel on your website. By sponsoring your listing, you can pay Facebook to show your posts to specific audiences. There are similar ways to share tweets on twitter and posts on Instagram.

Create a Facebook post featuring your pools

Build a custom Facebook post

Pool customers are on Facebook. Make sure they see your pools.

Start with a great Facebook post.


Here is what this post looks like live on Facebook.

Set up custom Facebook Audiences

Once you set up your post you have to target the right people on Facebook. On Facebook you must target by demographics. On Facebook, demographics are things like age, gender, interests, location etc. there are thousands of demographic targeting options on Facebook.  By sponsoring your listing, you can pay Facebook to show your posts to specific demographic audiences.

Swimming Pool Virtual Showroom

You will be the biggest and the best.

Social media is the modern day showroom. We have spent millions of dollars and 10+ years building the largest online pool customer community in the country.  NOW you CAN show them your pools for pennies a day.

Get a Social Media Portal

You get a custom blog page featuring your pools and all the social media we make for you.

Check out these sample.
Sample 1: Tribal Pools of AZ (Partner since 2010)
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Get an Amazing Facebook post featuring your pools.

We show your post to pool customers near you when they are on Facebook (which is most of the time).


We add social media elements every month.

Tweet pictures of your pools.


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