Your next pool customers are on Facebook

Your customers are on Facebook- Just like you.

Your pool customers are on Facebook. You just have to reach them. Facebook uses a feature called ‘look-a-Like’ audience to connect you with your next customers. Look-a-Like audiences are made up of people that are most likely to buy a pool because they look like pool customers. To create a good look a like audience you need to (1) know a lot of people on Facebook who have bought a pool in the past; (2) set up a look a like audience of those people.

Once you have a look-a-like audience set up, create some compelling content (like a blog article), post it on your Facebook business page and “boost” it to your custom look a like audience. If you post is crafted well, visitors will like your post, visit your website and/or contact you.

This is how we do it.

We know more pool customers than anyone else. Since 2004 we have connected over 500,000 customers to local pool pros. We use our huge pool customer list to create a look-a-like audience. We post articles to our blog., then post the blog article on our Facebook page. We boost the Facebook post to our look-a-like audience. Facebook users like the post, visit our blog and request additional information, designs and estimates for us. If you would like our assistance winning customers on Facebook contact us.

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