Swimming pool videos look great

Videos look great on social media

Put up a video featuring your pools and show it to likely pool customers in your area when they are on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & Instagram.

If you have high quality pictures of your pool, you can also make a video and show it on social media.  Video is quickly becoming as popular on social media as pictures.  Also, video allows you to show off a bunch of your best pools without clicks,  Swimming pool videos look great and make a HUGE impact with pool customers. Almost every pool buyer uses Google to research pools and also uses Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or Instagram. Video works great on most social media sites including Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

On Facebook

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Treasure Pools of FL

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Set up your Target Audience

Once you set up your post you have to target the right people on Facebook. On Facebook you must target by demographics or create a custom audience. On Facebook, demographics are things like age, gender, interests, location etc. there are thousands of demographic targeting options on Facebook.  You can set up a custom audience using a customer list or a pixel on your website. By sponsoring your listing, you can pay Facebook to show your posts to specific audiences. There are similar ways to share tweets on twitter and posts on Instagram.

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