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Top 100 pool estimate request zips – 2013

At Swimming Pool Quotes we help pool customers and pool contractors connect for the best swimming pool information, designs, estimates and more.  Because we work across the country with over 2000 pool professionals and over 500,000 current and future pool owners, we collect a lot of swimming pool data.

One of the interesting things about the pool business is that it is always hard to match supply (the location and number of homeowners that would like to get a swimming pool estimate) with the availability of swimming pool contractors.  A few of the hurdles are:

(1) Time of Year: The swimming pool industry is still seasonal in many ways.  We generally say the season starts are the Super Bowl and ends on NFL opening day.  We receive about 300% more estimate requests from March and August  than between September and February.

(2) Location:  California, Florida and Texas are by far the most popular States for Swimming Pool estimates.  About 80% of the most popular zip codes for swimming pool estimates are located in these states.

(3) Economics: The pool industry (especially new pools) tracks the housing market and to a lesser extent the jobs market.  In 2008-2009 the industry lost about 1/2 of its size from its peaks in the 2002-2007 during the great housing boom.  As finance options have started to return and housing prices have stabilized we are seeing a noticeable uptick in the industry.