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4 favorite home swimming pools gifs

Here are a few of our favorite videos and pictures of folks having fun in their home swimming pools

The first one is our favorite pool jump ever.  This guy makes a great backwards jump into his home swimming pool and lands right on the floating chair. A perfect ten swimming pool entry.

perfect home swimming pool entry. A perfect 10 – at least his friend says so.

Every night the pool owners would come home to find a wet pool deck.  They thought that the neighborhood kids were jumping the pool fence during the day to use this beautiful home swimming pool with a great water slide, rock wall and spillover hot tub.  They were wrong.  This was the culprit.

god swimming in home pool

dog having fun in home swimming pool

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This is swimming pool team work at its best.  This is a great group of kids playing in the backyard around the swimming pool and trampoline.

basketball shot in pool

great basketball shot in home swimming pool

Can you figure this one out.  This is a crazy swimming pool.  Can you figure out how they did this?

crazy home swimming pool

how did they do this? The swimmers are at the bottom of the pool and they are not getting wet?