Long winter, available financing equals best pool prices in years

Pool Industry Update
For Immediate Release


The long winter in many parts of the country coupled with historically low financing means great deals for pool customers.

Long winter means more pool deals

The long winter in many parts of the country means more early season saving for pool consumers.  According to a recent Swimming Pool Quotes pool builder survey, many pool builders report that the longer winter is delaying the start of the pool season resulting in “extremely good” discounts and specials for pool customers.  “Longer winter mean less pool customers ready to start.  Less demand means pool builders need to work harder to fill their tight spring work schedules. Typically results in better deals for customers” said Barry Willingham with Swimming Pool Quotes.

Financing still available

Pool financing is still available at historic lows.  With home values holding or raising now may be the most cost effective time to invest in your home with a new swimming pool.  “As home values increase, so do the value of improvements like remodels and pools” said Willingham.  “When you combine early season specials with low financing rates and stable home prices, the pool consumer gets the most financial bang for their buck.” added Willingham.

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