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Swimming Pool Types

picking the best swimming pool type for you.

Swimming pool types

The three major types of in ground swimming pools are concrete, vinyl and fiberglass. You can have almost any features with any type of pool.  Most shapes and sizes are also available in any pool type.

There are some differences with the pool types. The ideal pool type for you will depend on your vision for your backyard and your research. Below is a brief description of the pool types and recommendations for next steps.

Concrete pools

Concrete pools are constructed with rebar and concrete.  Concrete pools are typically constructed with gunite which a specific type of concrete and application.  After the frame of the pool is created using rebar, and the plumbing is in place, the gunite is applied to the steel structure and finished.   Concrete pool finishes come in many types from the simple to the extraordinary. The key maintenance issues with a concrete pools is resurfacing which may be necessary every ten years or so. Like everything, a well maintained and surfaced swimming pool will last longer and remain in better condition. Typically concrete pools will take 4-6 weeks to install.

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Vinyl pools

Vinyl pools are delivered to the site in boxes to be assembled by the installation team.  Vinyl swimming pools are typically constructed with a concrete floor, steel or fabricated swimming pool walls with a vinyl liner covering the entire swimming pool surface.  The liners come in many colors and designs. The key maintenance issues with vinyl pools is installing a new vinyl liner which may become necessary with age or damage.

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Fiberglass pools

Fiberglass pools are usually one piece pools that are trucked to the site and lowered into place. Transporting the fiberglass pool into place is often the most challenging part of the process. Like concrete and vinyl pools there are many shapes and options available with fiberglass pools.

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Next step: Collecting info and research

Your next step (and before any decisions) start collecting information from local pool pros who will help you understand what is possible in your backyard and in your range. Like other home projects, every pool project is somewhat unique, you will need some customized information. The pool industry is still local and small. Connecting with the local pros to ask questions & receive information may be challenging and take time.

We can help you gather research from local swimming pool pros.  Swimming Pool Quotes is the leading network of local swimming pool pros.  Since 2003 we have connected over 500,000 consumers with local pool pros for free swimming pool information & estimates