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How much does a pool cost


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How much does a pool cost?

The cost of a swimming pool can vary greater depending on several factors.

(1) The type of swimming pool you want to install

The most important cost factor is the size, depth and features of your swimming pool. Contrary to popular belief the “type of pool” – concrete, fiberglass or vinyl pool does not always determine the swimming pool cost.  It is important to start your process with an “open mind” about your need to have features, as well as pool type.  When you start your research you will be able to compare pool types and options to figure out what works best for you.

(2) The location of your swimming pool

The location of your pool can mean a few things. First is literally the location of you pool in your yard as well as the condition of your yard. Installing a pool requires digging a hole (of course). The easier it is to dig the hole, the less cost. The location can also mean the county where you are located and your distance from the pool professional (or how close you are to other projects).  Talking to 2-3 pool pros will give you an idea of how much location might effect cost.

(3) Your swimming pool research

Picking the right pool requires research and time. Start collecting information from local pool pros who will help you understand what is possible in your backyard and in your range. Like other home projects, every pool project is somewhat unique, you will need some customized information. The pool industry is still local and small. Connecting with the local pros to ask questions & receive information may be challenging and take time.

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cost of an inground pool

What is a swimming pool cost?

The cost of an inground pool will vary based the size and type of pool,  the location where the pool will be installed and any additional features, add ons etc.

Some people say that the ‘type of pool” is the most important factor to consider when looking at the cost of an inground pool.  The type of pool (concrete, vinyl or fiberglass) is important for other factors such as what you like, your location, etc. But if you want to figure out how much does it cost to put in a pool, this is not necessarily the case.  Vinyl, fiberglass or concrete pools can be around the same price for similar pools.  You should choose pool type based on what you like and what is available as much as by price point.

Pool installation price can really impact the cost of inground pool.  You will need to have a site survey to determine how hard is it to dig in your backyard and the accessibility of your backyard.  Some of the items that can really impact price are (1) if the location is level (2) how rocky the dig will be (3) how accessible the area is for equipment and workers.  (4) How much labor costs in your area.

cost of inground pool can change based on the cost of pool installation

Installation prices will impact the cost of inground pool

The other big factor in the cost of in ground pool is the style of pool, as you might imagine the larger the pool, the more features the more expensive.  Other factors include how accessible the pool area is for equipment and the type of soil.  Digging in rocky soil could increase the cost of excavation which will increase the price of the pool.

Inground pool cost

what is the cost of inground pool?

When considering the cost of your inground pool the first thing that you want to think about is the pool size and shape.  Generally speaking the bigger the pool and the more exotic the shape the more expensive the pool. Simple, small shapes are generally the least expensive.  Also having a deep end will really not impact the price as much.

Basic Grecian shaped pools tend to cost less.

The cost of an inground pool can depend on the size and shape. A simple shape tends to bring down the cost of inground pools.

The other big factor is features.  Features can include add on spas. hot tubs, slides etc, as well as finishes like pebble tec, pool tiles etc.  Features can also include high end equipment like automatic pool covers, automatic pool cleaners and salt water filtration systems.

cost of a beach entry pool can be expesnive because of the custom work involved in making sure that the beach entry is functioning well.

cost of a beach entry pool can be expensive because of the custom work involved in making sure that the beach entry is functioning well.

When you are getting an estimate for the pool cost make sure that you get at least 3 estimates. You may find that the pool cost estimate difference is as much at 40% for basically the same pool.  It is also important that you remain flexible when you are researching.