Sell Pools for Christmas

The holiday season is the best time to sell high ticket items – like Swimming Pools.

Homeowners will spend millions of dollars buying cars, vacations and RVs for the holidays. Make sure that they consider buying a swimming pool for Christmas from you.  Side by side a swimming pool is  a MUCH better investment  for long term enjoyment,  cost and value appreciation than an RV, luxury car, grandiose vacation etc.  A pool is both an exciting family gift and a sensible entertainment, health and enjoyment investment for the family.

Put together a “Pool for Christmas” package

Make sure that your customers make a HUGE splash with the kids on Christmas day. Come up with your message, put together a special package like “$1000 down gets you a pool for Christmas”. Include a special Christmas gift basket including pictures of their pool, pool toys etc. stocking stuffers etc.  Maybe include a new Christmas tree with every purchase.

Then hit your marketing list, hit your referral list, get leads. Make sure that everyone you know who has consider getting a pool knows that a swimming pool is the “Ultimate Family Holiday Gift”.Consumers will be bombarded with marketing messages for the holidays. Be creative, be persistent and you will sell pools this holiday season.

Click here for a referral from a pool customer who wants to buy a pool for Christmas.


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