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Phoenix swimming pools

Phoenix swimming pool

Getting a new swimming pool or pool remodel in Phoenix Arizona

Phoenix Arizona is one of the hottest metro areas in the country for swimming pools.  Phoenix was our first market as well.  We have been working with pool builders and pool customers in the Phoenix metro area since 2003.  Many of our favorite swimming pool builders serve the entire Phoenix area.  Other Phoenix swimming pool builders focus on the Scottsdale to Tempe side or the Chandler to Sun City side.  You will have plenty of options when you pick your phoenix pool builder and here are some of our favorites.

The most popular pools in Phoenix are a gunite swimmming pool or a concrete swimming pool.  Most pool builders in the Phoenix area specialize in these types of swimming pool construction and remodeling.  The cost of a swimming pool in Phoenix is generally less than in other parts of the country because there is a high demand for swimming pools and also a good number of swimming pool contractors.  Also because the Phoenix pool season last so long and swimming pools can be installed all year around, pool builders can install more pools per year and pass the savings on to the pool customer.    While fiberglass swimming pools and even vinyl pools are available in the Phoenix market, most swimming pool customers opt for gunite or concrete pools because:

(1) concrete pools generally accentuate Phoenix’s desert landscape,

(2) concrete pools are the most flexible pools in terms of shapes, sizes and extras like beach entry,

(3) The cost of a concrete pool is very reasonable in Phoenix because it is such a vibrate swimming pool market with lots of pool builders and swimming pool buyers.

Find out how much a pool cost in Arizona.

A few of our favorite swimming pool builders and remodelers that service Phoenix.